Christian Hammer

IT Project Manager & Software Developer


I am a project manager and software developer

How do they go together?

Software developers prefer to work as agile as possible. In best case, no time requirement during implementation, no limitations on resource decisions and freedom of choice.
Project managers have schedules, defined resource plans and clearly defined requirements.

For many companies there is the challenge of combining classic project management with agile software development. Hybrid project management is required here.

As a software developer and project manager, I am active in both areas. I have many years of practical experience in software development and also several years of practical experience in project management. Throughout all these years I have used project-specific organizational tools from classic project management, Scrum, KanBan and other methods to develop the best way of working for all related teams.
I not only question all of the methods used at the start of a new projects, but also during implementation in every phase of a project. There is hardly anything else as dynamic as the hybrid IT project management.

I am happy to exchange ideas.



PHP, C#, Swift, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Assembler, Go

ssh, git, diff, top, htop, mtop

apache, nginx, mysql, percona, redis, elastic

InfluxDB, Grafana, Kibana, Matomo, NextCloud

JetBrains IDEs, Paw, Tower, TablePlus, Xcode, VisualStudio Code

Project Management

Gantt, Agile, Scrum, KanBan, Prince2, Wasserfall, (Six Sigma)

MS Project, OmniPlan, Excel, Tableau, ProjectPlan

OmniGraffle, Mockery, MS Visio


Salesforce, InspirePlanner, SAP

Jira, Confluence, Redmine

Office365, Exchange, Sharepoint, G Suite